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ALUMON® Al Series

Aluminum Surface Preparation

Surface conditioning is more than cleaning and activation of substrates. It is a planned cycle of controlled treatment steps, each calling for matched cleaners and activators designed for the substrate and final finish. Proper surface conditioning is as important as the selection of the finishing or stripping process itself.

Enthone continues its commitment to technological improvements in surface conditioning products with the introduction of ALUMON® Al Series of cleaners, etches, and conditioners specially formulated for aluminum substrate preparations. Ideally suited for aluminum connectors, landing gear components, as well as a diversity of engine transportation parts, ALUMON Al products meet the rigorous requirements of the aerospace and defense industry.

Process Flexibility for Application Flexibility

Because ALUMON products are application specific, you can select a pretreatment system tailored to substrates, soils, and processing cycles. This ensures maximum cleaning performance and long solution life for the best cost/performance ratio.

Performance Characteristics Improve Plating Quality

These products serve to minimize or eliminate smut formation and salt accumulation, readying the metal for controlled uniform etching that produces fewer rejects. As a result, finishing costs are reduced and productivity is increased.

ALUMON Al Series Benefits

  • Reduce waste treatment concerns
  • Maintain the appearance of polished aluminum or magnesium
  • Prevent corrosion problems with surrounding equipment
  • Non-fuming when applied at room temperature
  • Alternative to hydrofluoric acid, thereby reducing handling risks
  • Cycle-specific soak cleaners, electrocleaners, and boosters
  • Non-chelated and chelated systems for process flexibility