Enthone Publishes OSP Performance Guide

Increases in Yields, Quality, and Reliability Verified.

Request the ENTEK PLUS HT BrochureWEST HAVEN, Connecticut, USA, August 14, 2013– Enthone recently published an Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) Performance Guide that enables OEMs, EMS, and printed circuit board (PCB) fabricators to easily determine how yields, quality and reliability can be significantly increased throughout the supply chain, while dramatically reducing rework and rejects. Specifically, the guide provides compelling data comparing the industry’s leading OSP process, ENTEK® PLUS HT, with other established and black market OSPs.

As detailed in the guide, ENTEK PLUS HT delivers exceptional wetting capability by as much as 60% when compared with competitive OSPs. Furthermore, the wetting is faster with a substantially higher maximum force (mN/mm); both properties are industry accepted as being key indicators to providing enhanced copper protection and solderability. Additional test results on wave soldering hole fill performance, visual appearance after multiple lead-free reflows, ICT reliability and ball shear strength are also detailed within the guide.

Available in both English and Simplified Chinese, the ENTEK PLUS HT OSP Performance Guide may be requested by emailing entek@enthone.com. To verify your OSP process, please visit http://enthone.com/ENTEK_PLUS_HT .

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